Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Fantasy Part 2

Continued from earlier, to wrap things up haha...........

My new mystery domme has me on my knees in nothing but my red panties and the blindfold. I hear her pick up the whip my fiancee was using just a few minutes ago and she runs it across my shoulders and neck and down my back finally stopping at my ass and she speaks, "you have a choice, I can whip your sore ass or or your hard dick, you decide." My ass, please Ma'm. "Okay then,"

She brings the whip back and flicks her wrist to bring it down sharply across my ass. I nearly fall over. She whips again and again until I do. finally she relents and tells me i can stay on all fours if i'm not man enough to take her whip. Now on all fours, she tells me I can finally cum if I beg her for it. I say, "Please let me come, please domme."

"You may but know that every time I see you from now I'm going to imagine you just like this, on all fours, cuming on my command. Now get started."

I pull out my cock and start stroking for her. Its already been dripping into my panties even before then. She places one hand on the small of my back, so that I know shes still there and tells me to stroke harder. I'm already ready to cum but I don't want this to end yet. She can tell I'm not really trying yet and tells me I've got two minutes to cum or its back to the whip until i cant even be on all fours. I start stroking much faster now and am almost ready to cum when she slides the handle of the whip up my ass and quickly says, "haha start wagging your tail, and keep going,"

I dont know what else she'll do so i stroke even harder and am completely ready to cum but i know i must always ask permission. "May I cum? please domme, may I?"

"Get back on your knees to come bitch, and use your other hand to catch all that nasty boy juice." I rise to my knees. "Now come and moan while you do."

I cum into my hand and muster my girliest moan for her while I do it. She whispers in my ear, "Now clean that hand up with your tongue, I dont want to see any cum left when your done, and do it like you love it."

I lick my hand all over until I cant taste any more cum, i'm used to the taste, I drink down almost all my orgasms anymore.

I finish cleaning up and my mystery domme says, "Time for me to go, bitch, but trust me I'll never forget this and I doubt you will either. Bye bye" I hear her say goodbye to my fiancee and head for the door. She slaps my ass one more time before leaving and shutting the door behind her.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Fantasy.

I've seen alot of people usin one of these to talk about their fantasies. Seems like alot of fun for them haha. Thought I might try.

ok. My domme (who is also my fiancee) is treating me as usual, having me talk about how beaufiful she is and how much I wish I were man enough to please her. Followed by me counting the number of times she cracks her whip across my ass. I remain on my knees but theres something new, she pulls out a blindfold. Usually I have to keep my eyes open and staring into her own while I'm being submissive. I'm blindfolded and waiting patiently for to do something when she starts speaking. She tells me she invited a guest, its someone I know but she wont tell me who it is or how well i know them, and that for today she's handing over the reigns of control to them and I have to treat them just like I do her. Moments later, there is a knock at the door and I hear my domme's leather boots scrunch as she walks over to the door and opens it.

This "person I know" doesnt speak but my domme says hello, its nice to see them again, and that I'm all ready to go. The door shuts as they both walk back over to me. My domme leans down next to my ear and whispers that she'll be watching but not participating, this time. So behave yourself. When I say, "Yes Ma'm" so obidiently, I can hear our new guest laugh slightly.

Still on my knees, I feel my domme walk away and sit across the room while our guest begins to walk in a circle around me. I'm pretty sure by now that its a woman but I have many female friends and so does my fiancee, so I cant even begin to guess who it is yet. Finally she speaks, "So all this time you've wanted to be a little bitch?" she's changing the tone of her voice so I cant work out who she is but at least i know for sure now its a woman.

I feel her hand touch my ass and slide up my back all the way to my head. She grabs a handful of hair and I can feel her breath on my face as she says, "I bet you've always wanted to submit to me. I bet you've even jerked off thinking about me." It was probably true, I had thought about many of my female friends this way before. She makes me stand and get undressed and bursts out with laughter when she sees my panties. "Oh my god! you hadn't told me about that!" she says to my domme. I hear my domme respond, "Thought it would be more fun for you to find out this way."

"Wow" our guesy said as I stood in nothing but the blindfold and the red panties my fiancee had picked out this morning. "Guess your a girly little bitch too! haha." She layed a hand on pantied ass, reared back, and slapped it with a loud crack. I was already sore there and my legs tremored. "Want to get back down on your knees, bitch?" "Yes, please." I responded quickly, already used to my new domme. She let me take to my knees and then I could feel her standing right in front of me, her warm crotch inches from my face. "I can see how hard you are, Do you want to jerk off?" Yes i do "Well you can't, not yet, just rub it from the outside for now." I started rubbing and I heard a slight moan from my new domme.

More to come later haha...........

Monday, May 17, 2010

First Time.

Just to let everyone know, I only started this blog so that I can follow and comment on other blogs lol. But also to let you know what I'm looking for: I'm a man who loves to be controlled by women and I guess you could say I'm a bit of a crossdresser too hehe. I've only tried the panties a few times lol. I'll be looking for blogs like that I guess.

Oh and I love tg and sissy captions. Thanks :)